Sunday, 22 September 2013

Third Corridor

Here are the latest photos of the mural I've been painting along the corridors of Palmers Lodge, Hillspring. The first photo is of the work in progress so you can imagine the process a little better.

Friday, 6 September 2013

Palmers Lodge, Hillspring

Here are some photos of a mural project I have been painting on the corridors of a youth hostel called Palmers Lodge, Hillspring. The manager wanted the same buildings repeated, so instead of drawing everything by hand, I drew templates for each building on large pieces of tracing paper. In order to transfer them to the wall, I masking taped the corners of the tracing paper and drew along the lines on the reverse side to create a light pencil impression of each design on the wall. This made it easy to maintain the perfect geometry of each building as they are tilted at angles.

Complete design for Just In Case

After the initial approved version below, I mapped the shape of the walls around the bar area and completed my design to fit in around the space. The owners of Just In Case Cafe & Wine Bar absolutely adored it but said they wanted to get some other things organised with the restaurant before asking me to begin work.