Wednesday, 26 October 2011

"How Much Does It Cost?"

Prices for commissioning a mural from me are very reasonable compared to all other such services I have encountered personally.

The fee is fixed once we have come to an arrangement, so if it takes longer than estimated, of course the price will not go up! If, however, you change your mind about what you want once I have already begun, the additional time it will take to complete the mural due to the changes requested with be proportionally added. Simple and fair.

The fee includes the cost of materials, travel cost and travel time. It will be calculated according to how long I expect the project to take.

Although the time it takes to paint each individual mural varies, I can estimate that a full bedroom mural with a medium amount of detail, in a single room for one child will cost approximately £600.

If all you want is some detail in one corner, around a window or on an item of furniture, it is more likely to cost you about £90.